Older machines in the brand-new version gain the market. A few sentences about the nowadays trends.

On the secondary market it’s difficult to that much popular car as the BMW E36. Sadly, truly hard is to purchase model manufactured in the 90s. The 3-generation Series in a well and classic condition. Watching many of advertisements, you can quickly become dishearten, cause most cars are exploited, you will see a mark unprofessional fixes are sometimes tuned (not necessarily with good taste), and a large portion of the gasoline type has gas installations, which typically resulted in longer motor to the worse condition.

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Brand-new types are appointed with BMW apps that endlessly watch the condition of the auto. It is essential that also in affordable way to transfer this data to the driver. There are a lot of ways of contact. Truly reasonable solution is nbt retrofit, which clearly shows the info on the screen. Just a few years a biger share of imported automobiles are damaged automobiles, but their defect, in turn, are so high mileage – much bigger than the one currently appearing on the board! If you want to purchase a fine threesome with a greatful motor, we need to gather at least 10 thousand zlotys and be patient. Looking for safed copy might take months, during which happens to a lot of time-wasting visits to the sellers, who believe that the 15-year-old vehicle in great condition is one which fires and could go on their own, have a small thing as that, that each of the body parts wearing a lot of putty, is for them negligible trifle. Apart from problems of serviceableness among BMW apps have also a few which could to please the journey. Music players or navigation allow you to have fun of the journey and not be scared about the troubles on the road. All that could be controlled via the NBT retrofit.

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Sadly, in terms of firmness it can’t be so largly valued. First of all, clients and mechanics draw attention to 2 main problems. They refer software parts: power and refrigeration. The most common diseases that first is the fails of the injection pump. When the pomp needs only seals the repair value should not exceed 1000 PLN, the full regeneration will constantly be significantly more costly (the buying of a brand-new pomp will cost 5460 zlotys). To sum up - Although moments passes fastly, the BMW 3 Series E36 still is truly popular in the secondary market.
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