The forthcoming scenarios for the progress of mining machines

Very frequently in the news, particularly on television, we may observe big excavating equipment working in opencast mines all over the world. Big earthmoving machinery penetrating the tons of gravel materials to carry to the surface the riches from under the level of the ground.

Even though Polish machinery is widely used in mines, it is not the circumstance that Polish manufacturers have a holding on supplying domestic mines.

Article wrote: Consuelo Ternero

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However, we leave the choice of equipment characteristics to miners. Every instrument working on the outcrop is an expenditure of several dozen million zlotys for the mine, but once in numerous years. The requirement of the outlook is to succeed the workers, in their most risky and troublesome work in openpit and subterranean mines, mining machines with artificial intelligence. These should be mining machines that listen, observe and feel, and so self-drilling and self-steering, with only essential human intervention. The absolute need to increment the security, availability and performance of mining machines and instruments used in extensive and complex excavating and transport systems of opencast mines reqUEsts remote control of equipment or even the independence of their operation. This is particularly truthful for those regions of the world where there are obstacles in involve professionals to work in the openpit mine due to its whereabouts away from human neighborhood and in a climate that is unfavorable to human beings.

Today, opencast mines are the most progressive in the introduction of full automation, gradually evolving into independent work of mining machines.
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