Blisters with medicines: in what way are they being manufactured and what requirements must be met?

People take various medicines on a daily basis. Those can be the drugs prescribed by the doctor because of some diagnosed illness, but not always - frequently these are simply some minor supplements.

Some patients, being curious about the world wonder how are these medicines packed and why just like that.

tablet packaging
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The medication is often bought in a carton packaging. Within, several blisters and the leaflet can be found. Why blisters? Firstly, they shield the medicine from external environment: humidity and dirt. Its material is not picked at will. It is plastic or aluminium. Chemical compounds, for example PVC and its mixtures with another substances are applied. They can be easily shaped with the help of special appliances in very hot conditions. When the expected shape of the blister is ready, the tablets are put into it.

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Finally, they are covered with the lid. That part is usually fabricated from aluminium or polymer foil. During tablet packaging process, a lot of factors has to be taken under consideration. The raw material which is applied must not enter any reaction with the drug. It ought to be tough enough to prevent the tablets from crushing. Nevertheless, the final packaging must be easy to use. Older patients have to be able to open it without bigger trouble, but not the children. It is quite difficult to design such kind of blister.

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Materials for medicine and toxicology must meet particular, strict requirements.

Thanks to that patients can count that the medicine they buy is properly packed, protected, and no intrusion into it was made. The safety of users is the most important goal.
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