Serialization and aggregation – how do they work and what is their application in pharmaceutical packaging?

The packaging and tags of pharmaceutical products and medical tools carry out various important functions - from publicizing and information to conservation.

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The operations of serialization and aggregation of pharmaceutical packaging are also very relevant, they must be executed in compliance with rigid internal norms and strict requirements of the medical sector.

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A very relevant idea in the production and branding of a pharmaceutical product is its serialization. This approach classifies the product with singular, non-punctuation serial combinations on each packaging. After placing singular codes on individual products, producers have to know where these products are situated. Aggregation can be obtained by implementing vision technics in automatic wrappers or packet packing machines or thanks to aggregation systems, for example by means of dosage conveyors. Cartons are one of the most commonly employed drug device for pharmaceutical and medical products. Marking of these packaging with high quality codes legible for people and devices is a crucial element of the pharmaceutical firm's traceability project. Bottles, that are an especially often employed pharmaceutical packaging, can be systematized in various places. Ordinary and detectable in ultraviolet or infrared radiation markings on the bottom of the container, on the label or cap - these are just some of the potential solutions. Marking vials is a complicated task as to the small dimension of the package.

The best tagging outcome can be obtained if the printer is compatible with packaging devices designed specifically to carry objects of this particular shape.
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