A brief history of elevator and business in Poland.

We have many fantastic things which were created in XIX and XX century such as electricity, computers, the Internet site and all of the equipment related with constructions. Let’s take one of those things – elevators.

A lift is a common equipment which moves people or things between floors. In nowadays construction areas we have got a tendency to construct very large buildings, therefore lifting equipment is indispensable. The first histories about machines which had been used to transport humans in these way are
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connected with ancient Greece, but the strong lifts] which we have known were invented in the XIX century and used in mines. Lifting equipment became very popular in the times of industrialisation especially in countries of Europe and the USA. The hydraulic crane was invented by William Armstrong in 1846 to worked in docks, but it had increased in very short time, in 1870 in the New York City was built the first office building with lifts for passengers.

Now the same as in the past lifts are used to move humans and goods, specially the big ones, the same as with metal works Poland (for example in Gdynia’s docks) has a great number of cranes and different lifting equipment. Cranes in shipyard in Gdańsk not only are the important way of transportation, but they are as well a significant part of history of Poland, so when we speak about metal works Poland is related with business and simultaneously with sad, but heroic history. It is a fabtastic idea to visit the job (see see here) Solidarity Centre and know much more about these events.

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When you catch "Poland" which are initial thoughts which you think? Several celebrities like Robert Lewandowski and Lech Wałęsa. Or you've heard about Euro 2012 and one of the national main cities such as Warsaw or Cracow. Maybe you've consumed any of polish national meals like bigos. But it is not everything. Poland has a lot of beautiful places that are not know because they are not globally famous.

Beside that Poland is well-known as a provider of a highly quality metal and lifting equipment, therefore this is an excellent space for creating a profitable professional activity and certainly a part of Europe with wide perspectives for small and significant companies.

A lift isn’t the greatest invention in the history, however it is very significant. It will be great thing to see what sort of devices will appeared in the next decade, especially in the construction segment.
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